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SSPT bike fitting
CREATED: 09/01/12 by jdubon3 REPLIES: 2
jdubon3's ravatar jdubon3    JOINED: 8/11/12    POSTS: 23
SSPT bike fitting
POSTED: 9/01/12 1:33 PM

I know that the fitting issue comes up every so often but I haven't seen anybody talk about Sport & Spinal PT. Since they are one of the clubs partners, has anybody been fitted by them? I have an old neck injury I have to work through so it seems like the logical choice (assume that they would be able to work with me in that aspect) but I'd like to get some feedback prior to calling them.

dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: SSPT bike fitting
POSTED: 9/01/12 7:47 PM

I had a fitting by them about 4 years ago. The fitter that I had is no longer there, so I have no idea what it is like now. That's my disclaimer for the below assessments :)

The fitter that they have now, Sonja, is a stud athlete/ CAT-1 cyclist. She has held bike clinics for DCTri in the past. Besides from being a PT, she does road races, TTs, and mountain bike races, so I suspect she brings a wide range of perspectives to the table.

I will tell you that my experience with SSPT was quite positive. Their approach was a little bit different than what you would get at a bike store. I'm not saying that this is a good or bad thing, just different. It all depends on what you are looking for.

My fitter fitted me and talked to me as if I were there for a PT session. My fitter took me into a private room where I was alone with him. He did the measurements like a normal bike store. He also did a video analysis of my body position and pedal stroke. He gave me a physical exam to see if I had have any issues or limiters. My race and injury history was taken. I've had other fittings where physical exams/analysis were done. However, it seems that my fitter at SSPT was more diligent in this arena. There was a higher emphasis on my body mechanics and the explanations of it as it relates to my fitting.

I have had 3 other fittings in my life at various places. They are all unique in their approaches. I've only had one fitting where I thought the guy was useless (it wasn't with SSPT). I have a TT bike and he was a roadie. I'm not saying that a roadie can't do great TT fittings. It was just that, in this particular case, he didn't seem like he had much experience with TT fittings. The way that I was handled didn't give me the warm and fuzzies.

I think that with your injuries, what SSPT brings to the table from a PT's perspective, will be of more value to you than what you would get from a local bike store. My fitter also gave me a bunch of PT related handouts on stretches and exercises that I could do to be more flexible.

The fitting was very professionally done. My fitting took 2.5-3 hours, so it was very comprehensive. Keep in mind that I have a TT bike. TT bike fittings take more time than road bike fittings, so it also costs more. This is true at SSPT as well as any bike shops that you go to.

When you get to their office, it's like walking into a doctor's office to get a bike fitting. You kind of feel out of place at first :)


jdubon3's ravatar jdubon3    JOINED: 8/11/12    POSTS: 23
RE: SSPT bike fitting
POSTED: 9/01/12 8:39 PM

Awesome. Gracias seƱor!

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