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Featured Race: Giant Acorn, Oct 6-7 2012
CREATED: 08/17/12 by afava REPLIES:
afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
Featured Race: Giant Acorn, Oct 6-7 2012
POSTED: 8/17/12 4:13 PM

Giant Acorn Triathlons (Sprint and Oly) are always favorite races to close out the season. We made it a Featured Race this year. Registration is still open. And as always, DC Tri Members have a discount for all Virginia Triathlon Series (VTS) Races! (Discount in race section of website.)

Via Ryan, update just in from our friends at VTS and Set-Up Events:

Just wanted to send you an update that we have a new run course for Giant Acorn this fall. This is especially pertinent for your folks that did Rumpus in the spring. 80% on road, 10% grass, 10% on the gravel down to/from swim start. Completely eliminated the driveway with the evil gravel. We are shutting down the road in front of the venue. We will have Papa John’s cooking pizza’s onsite for the post race food.



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