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2010 Cervelo P2, 51 cm, like new, $1,200
CREATED: 01/01/14 by barbara REPLIES:
barbara's ravatar barbara    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 27
2010 Cervelo P2 tri bike, 51 cm, like new, $1,200
POSTED: 1/01/14 6:15 PM


I love my road bike and never got used to riding the Cervelo. It’s been well cared for, gently ridden <200 miles (estimate), indoor storage, no accidents. Has all of the original components:

Funda Pro 3T carbon frame set
Shimano Ultegra derailleurs
Fizik Arione Tri2 saddle (unused)
Shimano Dura Ace bar end shifter
Shimano 105 cassette & chain
Shimano R500 wheels
Vittoria Rubino Pro tires
Excludes pedals.
Includes Xlab sonic wing + 2 bottle holders behind seat.

I’d be happy to email you pictures. Test ride if desired. I’m in Bethesda near NIH ~ 0.5 mile from Rock Creek Park.

Please contact:
Barbara, 301-575-6805 (cell),

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