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Wednesday Night Track Workout July 13
CREATED: 07/12/11 by hppeabody REPLIES:
hppeabody's ravatar hppeabody    JOINED: 9/17/09    POSTS: 193
Wednesday Night Track Workout July 13
POSTED: 7/12/11 9:35 PM

Since I have been getting a ton of emails of people who want to join the list lately, and probably am missing a bunch of your emails since I suck at sorting through my inbox (if you emailed me and didn't get an invite, email me AGAIN and AGAIN if you still don't get it)...I'm posting the workout here in addition to the email I sent out.

As always, we meet at Wilson High School Track in Tenleytown, DC. Right off the red line.

Track Workout Schedule:

Prior to 6:30: Bonus warm up (you do need it, don't kid yourself)

6:30 Plyometrics/dynamic stretches

6:40 Introductions

6:50 Workout, as follows, in minutes: (total time: 1 hour, 5 minutes)**

-10 minutes easy (warm up pace)

Intervals, ALL Vo2 max (98-100 % max Heart rate):
Within each set, build your pace, if you can. Given the heat/humidity, you may not be as fast as usual, and your focus should be on getting the HR up, not so much the pace, but if you can build through each interval as they get shorter, do it.
-6 minutes
(3 min active recovery)
-5 minutes
(2 AR)
-4 minutes
(2 AR)
-3 minutes**
(5 AR)
-REPEAT all 4 of those intervals, in that order. You get a nice long 5 minute recovery there so get some ice, cool down, bring the HR down, and hit it hard again.

8:00 PM: Cool down

8:10 PM: Core workout together

8:20: Whole Foods for dinner, for anyone interested

**Special option recommended for anyone new to track workouts or trying to build up to these super long, hard workouts, that don't have the base yet: STOP after the first set of 6-5-4-3. This gives you a 35 minute workout, and that's a good start. You could also do a nice 10-20 minute cool down after this.

i don't want to hear it about the heat. if you have a summer race, you might have to race in it, so you should probably train in it. Fortunately for you, I'll have 20 lbs of ice, again, to share. Bring your own bottles and water.

See you tomorrow!


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