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Ironman Cozumel
CREATED: 08/31/11 by leeannoneill REPLIES:
leeannoneill's ravatar leeannoneill    JOINED: 8/26/11    POSTS: 2
Ironman Cozumel
POSTED: 8/31/11 3:25 PM

I know there are a couple people from DC doing IM Cozumel in November as well as people who have done it in the past. This will be my first Ironman so I'm looking for any tips from IM Cozumel veterans about the course, or other folks who might be solo-ing it down there this year.

I've also booked a room with two double beds at one of the sponsored hotels if anyone else is interested in sharing (would come out to about $50/person/night), I'm pretty indifferent whether its a guy or a girl, and not that it matters in Cozumel, but I also speak Spanish fluently.


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