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Sports Massage Therapist for IT Band
CREATED: 08/31/11 by ANguyen07 REPLIES: 1
ANguyen07's ravatar ANguyen07    JOINED: 1/16/11    POSTS: 9
Sports Massage Therapist for IT Band
POSTED: 8/31/11 5:02 PM

Hi, does anyone have recommendations for a good sports massage therapist in the VA or DC area?

I'm training for a 10-miler and probably have been neglecting giving myself adequate number of recovery days. I'm currently suffering from really bad IT band problems. My stretching exercises nor kinesio tape haven't been helping. My doctor suggested that I try getting a sports massage to help loose the area and purchase a rolling stick.

mildmanneredreporter's ravatar mildmanneredreporter    JOINED: 8/20/09    POSTS: 26
RE: Sports Massage Therapist for IT Band
POSTED: 8/31/11 11:23 PM

Center for Neuromuscular Massage and Rehabilitation.
1712 Eye St NW
Suite: Basement Level 110
Washington, D.C. 20006
Telephone: (202) 257-1363
Ask for Jennifer Lee. Depending upon your insurance, it's possible a massage would be covered. Hurts like hell, but greatest thing in the world. Also definitely get a run stick and/or a roller. Run stick can target more specific areas, but roller may give you more leverage (body weight) to really dig into the IT. If you do a run stick, I'd recommend the smaller size, so you can really wrap it around the leg. If a roller, see if you can handle the black color, which is firmer. Ideally, you'd want to be able to do the black with all your body weight resting on it with no pain. (Until you get around to getting those, if you happen to be a baker, run your rolling pin over your leg. It has no give, so it's not as effective (and is more painful), but it will certainly work for IT tightness.) Stretching is important, but once your your myofascia are sticking , you need the massage to break it up. KT tape is a gimmick.
Good luck!

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