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Skyline Drive this weekend?
CREATED: 10/20/11 by mchaney REPLIES:
mchaney's ravatar mchaney    JOINED: 7/29/10    POSTS: 34
Skyline Drive this weekend?
POSTED: 10/20/11 10:32 AM

Hey All,

Is anyone up for a trip to Skyline Drive this Saturday morning (High 61 degrees, partly cloudy, no rain)? Fall foliage in effect, yo. Looking to start at Front Royal, ride to Route 211/Thornton Gap and head back; ~64 miles. (

Individual entrance fee is $8 unless you have a Shenandoah or National Parks Pass (I don't), in which case you and up to three others can get in under the pass. I have room for another person and a bike on my car.

Please respond to this thread with your email or message me through my DC Tri profile if interested.


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