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CREATED: 04/25/12 by abbyjs REPLIES:
abbyjs's ravatar abbyjs    JOINED: 4/7/09    POSTS: 699
POSTED: 4/25/12 8:52 AM

Apparently Schwaggle is selling entries if you still want in!

"This year's Marine Corps Marathon sold out in record-breaking time for the history of marathon events, within just 2 hours and 41 minutes! But you're in luck - today's offer gives you chance to participate in this high-demand race on October 28th and receive top notch marathon coaching for just $48.

The TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) is one of Marine Corps Marathon's 2012 official charity partners, raising money in support of AIDS United and the Washington AIDS Partnership. Their endurance training program is designed for beginners and experienced athletes, preparing them to go the distance, fundraise, and receive an unforgettable marathon experience. Once trainees reach the $1,000 fundraising goal, you'll officially receive entry to the sold out Marine Corps Marathon and get VIP treatment at the event.

As long as you can run a 15-minute mile, they can train you to achieve the astounding accomplishment of finishing 26.2 miles. The training plan consists of one long group run on the weekends and two shorter maintenance runs on your own during the week. Group runs begin with only three miles and gradually build each week, with the guidance and support of T2's experienced coaches and staff along the way. Don't delay - there are a limited number of entries and training begins on May 5th. Sign up today and let T2 get you across the Marine Corps Marathon finish line!"

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