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Aero Bars Help
CREATED: 06/27/09 by slashykk REPLIES: 2
slashykk    JOINED: 5/31/09    POSTS: 38
Aero Bars Help
POSTED: 6/27/09 12:15 PM

I'm getting bruises on my forearms from my aerobars...I figure this is kinda normal? But I'm also getting chaffing which is hecka unpleasant. Is this a problem with the padding or my position, or is this just one of the hazards of aero bars?? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm still relatively new to a tri bike so I'm def still learning



dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: Aero Bars Help
POSTED: 6/27/09 1:33 PM

This is absolutely NOT normal. I've spent many many miles on my tri bike riding in the aero position and have never been bruised ... not ever. I'm a lot more comfortable riding in the aero position than I am in the standard upright road position. I'd rather be in that position than any other position.

I've ridden with bare skin touching the padding on the aero bar arm rest, with arm warmers, and with other clothing and have never had chaffing or bruising issues.

I've written my tri bike in blazing hot weather, freezing temp, windy conditions, and pouring rains and never had chaffing or bruising issues. Have you been properly fitted on your bike ?

The boney part of my forearms (a few inches from my elbow) are always on the pad. My arm positions are in a manner that my thumbs are either point straight upward or 30-45 degrees toward the middle of my bike. Are your arms relaxed while you ride or are you always pressing on the pad ? Do you find yourself putting the grip of death on the aero bars even when not shifting ?

What kind of bike do you have ? The first thing that I would look at is your bike fitting. The second would be how relaxed you are when you are riding (i.e., your riding position). If you are putting the grip of death on the aero bars then you need to relax and not squeeze so hard. The third would be the position of the padding. Is it too wide or too forwards ? The fourth would be looking at buying different cushion pads.

If worst comes to worst, you can always buy padding for your forearms ... the kind that they wear at football or soccer games. Perhaps you are just a bleeder :)


vatriathlete    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 685
RE: Aero Bars Help
POSTED: 6/27/09 7:52 PM

unless you bruise easily, i would double chekc your position to see if its right.

if a bike with aerobars is set up properly the bike will be more comfrotabel to ride in the aerobars than out of the aerobars.

good luck.

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