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Avid triathlete seeks DC sublet Jan-May
CREATED: 12/26/10 by Katseter REPLIES:
Katseter    JOINED: 12/26/10    POSTS: 1
Avid triathlete seeks DC sublet Jan-May
POSTED: 12/26/10 3:40 PM


I am an avid cyclist, and I just finished riding from coast to coast (AMAZING), and I will be living in DC from January through May for an internship. My internship is located off the red line right by the Bethesda, and I figure I'll be commuting by bike.

I would LOVE to live with fellow triathlete. I'll have one of my bikes, probably my Trek 2100, that I'll use for commuting and also hit the roads with. I have been doing triathlons for the past couple of years. I love touring, but I also love racing. I have been doing triathlon (sprints to Ironmans) for the past couple of years, and I'd love to do a race or two in DC this spring. I don't know where to live in the DC area that has good access to cycling/pools, so I thought I'd send a shoutout here, and perhaps someone has a room or apartment they want to sublet me...

I'm a 26/f, grad student in economics at the University of WI - Madison. I love bikes, water, good beers, red wine, cooking, reading and talking about issues (openly and not obsessively), and live music. Drop me a line if you have a place or know anyone who does!!


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