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Wanter: Bike trainer ~$100
CREATED: 01/01/14 by eshu REPLIES: 1
eshu    JOINED: 1/26/13    POSTS: 8
Wanter: Bike trainer ~$100
POSTED: 1/01/14 9:03 PM

Hi all,

Anyone doing some early spring cleaning and looking to get rid of a bike trainer? I'm hoping to find something around $100.

Feel free to post here or email me at shu.eric at gmail dot com.


omesner's ravatar omesner    JOINED: 7/28/11    POSTS: 35
RE: Wanter: Bike trainer ~$100
POSTED: 1/02/14 10:52 AM

Hey Eric! Not exactly the price range you have listed but I saw this a few days ago:

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