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Bike fit now? or later?
CREATED: 08/30/13 by eshu REPLIES: 4
eshu    JOINED: 1/26/13    POSTS: 8
Bike fit now? or later?
POSTED: 8/30/13 4:13 PM

I've recently been developing some knee pain (more like a tingly feeling, not so much pain) during my bike rides, which usually comes and goes. It just feels like something is not aligned right. I'm not putting on a lot of mileage and most my daily rides are around 5 miles. I have been biking to work so its about 10 miles round trip. Off the bike - no pain at all.

I bought my road bike earlier in the year from fresh bikes and had it fitted by Clovis but am now debating if I should get a new fit. I've read great reviews of Smiley's fits but was wondering that since its so close to the end of the season (I only have 2-3 more race/rides) if its worth to get a fit now or wait until spring?

Any thoughts?

Nate's ravatar Nate    JOINED: 2/23/10    POSTS: 68
RE: Bike fit now? or later?
POSTED: 8/31/13 7:56 AM

I had a Smiley fit. He does free adjustments for six months, and then only charges $50 after that for the next six months (at least this was his policy when I started with him earlier this year). If you plan on riding all winter, I would totally go see him now, and then maybe get tuned a bit in the spring.

dhops's ravatar dhops    JOINED: 7/12/12    POSTS: 125
RE: Bike fit now? or later?
POSTED: 9/02/13 12:52 PM

Do it now! You'll be amazed at how much it helps. Seriously. Call today!

tgalbert's ravatar tgalbert    JOINED: 9/30/10    POSTS: 405
RE: Bike fit now? or later?
POSTED: 9/03/13 9:47 AM

I second that. Do it now. It's cheaper than physical therapy and other medical bills associated with injury (not to mention downtime to recover).

Don't base getting a fit on how many races you're going to be doing...because you're still going to be riding even after your races are done, right?


eshu    JOINED: 1/26/13    POSTS: 8
RE: Bike fit now? or later?
POSTED: 9/11/13 4:29 PM

Thanks all for your input and suggestions - I went ahead and scheduled a fit this weekend. Really excited about it! Will let you know how it goes.

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