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Speedplay Zero pedals for sale (Stainless, white)
CREATED: 07/31/10 by abbyburrows REPLIES:
abbyburrows    JOINED: 5/29/10    POSTS: 5
Sold: Speedplay Zero pedals
POSTED: 7/31/10 11:40 AM

Purchased last spring (2009) but barely used over a dozen times.
I would be happy to send photos or answer any questions you may have.
There is noticeable cosmetic wear, because they are white, but the integrity of the pedals is in great condition. If anything, they're perfectly broken in and ready to ride! (You won't have to deal with that new pedal stiffness which makes it hard to get in and out of them for a little while).

I paid $195.00 originally... and will take the best reasonable offer.
I can also throw in a pair of cleat covers.

Thanks! Abby

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