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"FREE" How to Run Faster in Triathlon Clinic
CREATED: 08/17/09 by Irunman REPLIES:
Irunman    JOINED: 7/15/09    POSTS: 9
"FREE" How to Run Faster in Triathlon Clinic
POSTED: 8/17/09 2:05 PM

Have you always wondered how you can improve your run, during a Triathlon? Come join us for a FREE running clinic at Georgetown Running Company on 30 August at 11 am. You can see the flyer at [] and just click on clinics/camps. If you would like to come please send me an email at [].

See you there!!!

Brought to you by: ironguides
The Bike Rack
Georgetown Running Company

Covering these topics and more:
“Pure” Running is NOT Triathlon Running
Develop the ability of running on fatigued legs
Develop Proper motor skills/form when running
Run less, Run FASTER
How improper intensity and volume can injure you
or make you slower

Learn about all these topics and “The Method” at our FREE running Clinic. We will give you some of the tools necessary to improve your Running injury free. E-mail Anthony to RSVP.

When: 30 August 2009 11 AM
Where: Georgetown Running Company
3401 M Street NW
Washington DC, 20007

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