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DC Coaches
CREATED: 12/27/10 by piyushdabomb REPLIES: 7
piyushdabomb    JOINED: 5/10/10    POSTS: 84
DC Coaches
POSTED: 12/27/10 3:44 PM

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone's year went well and are looking forward to a fun-filled year full of early wakeup calls. :)

As I'm training for IM Canada that's scheduled in August, I was starting to feel a little overwhelmed just by reading books and plans that I've taken from various authors. To help keep my sanity in check, do you know where I can get a list of a few great DC Ironman coaches who are probably available to help beginning of January? What I was hoping to get out of the coach was the following:

1. A current physical ability assessment
2. A detailed (daily) training plan
3. Some sort of meetup to ensure that I'm on track
4. Help with nutrition
5. Mentorship towards the 'right' races to sign up leading up to August's race.

I have some ideas, but I'd love to validate my ideas and hear from the best. Any thought around this would be great. Thanks so much.

PS - I know there's a HIM IM program starting soon, but I don't think that might cater to an IM program. If you have other thoughts around prescribed programs, please let me know.

jane456's ravatar jane456    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 69
RE: DC Coaches
POSTED: 12/27/10 4:22 PM

Can't help you with coaches, but registration for DC Tri Club's Ironman program opens 1/6. More info is available here:


piyushdabomb    JOINED: 5/10/10    POSTS: 84
RE: DC Coaches
POSTED: 12/27/10 8:16 PM

Hi Lindsay -

Thanks for responding. According to the site, the program only starts in Feb:

"The Ironman Program will commence in February and conclude in November. "

Are you saying that the program opens for registration on 1/6 or it starts then and the website is incorrectly stated?

stephjones    JOINED: 11/17/10    POSTS: 4
RE: DC Coaches
POSTED: 12/27/10 8:29 PM

Hi there! I'm new to the DC tri club and the forum - this is my first post to the forum actually. However, I may be able to help you with your Ironman quest. As of the 1st of January, I will be joining the coaching staff at (based in fairfax, va). I am an Ironman specialist - I am an elite Ironman athlete and have helped a few athletes on their way to both completing their first Ironman or setting a personal best.

Anyway, no pressure at all, but please check out the website to see what the coaching staff has to offer. My bio isn't up on the webpage yet - not until the New Year; but, I have personal best 9:34 in the Ironman distance and would be more than happy to help you this season. I also live in DC, downtown.

Good luck to you either way! Ironman is an awesome distance and experience.


dsgrunning's ravatar dsgrunning    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1481
RE: DC Coaches
POSTED: 12/27/10 8:52 PM

Lindsey is on the juice so she is never wrong about these things :)

Quotes from the url that Lindsey referenced:
"Registration opens January 6 on the club’s Shop"
"The Ironman Program will commence in February"

The program workouts are individualized toward your race. The Feb/Nov reference is the window that the program will be run/supported. If your race is within that window then you are golden. If it's not then .... not so golden.

Also, if you are going to go Stephanie's route, name drop DCTri. Fitness Concepts is a DCTri merchant partner so you may be able to get some discounts there.


piyushdabomb    JOINED: 5/10/10    POSTS: 84
RE: DC Coaches
POSTED: 12/27/10 10:48 PM

Ah - Got it.

So it sounds like even if the program starts in February, I can have the program customized from February to August based on where I stand in my program.

I'll look into both options. I appreciate the help here!

bad ford's ravatar bad ford    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 186
RE: DC Coaches
POSTED: 12/28/10 12:33 PM

I did the IM program through the club last year.

For the price, I don't think you can beat it.

cbattin00    JOINED: 6/15/09    POSTS: 28
RE: DC Coaches
POSTED: 12/31/10 9:58 AM

Just went through a coaching search myself a couple of months ago. If you are interested in finding a local coach (not trying to steer you one way or the other, everyone has their own preferences) check the USAT website. They have listings of certified coaches in the area and how to contact them.

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