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film opp
CREATED: 03/04/10 by ashleynellis1 REPLIES:
ashleynellis1's ravatar ashleynellis1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 84
film opp
POSTED: 3/04/10 1:23 PM

i know there must be one or two out there who wish to make their cycling debut on film, so check this out if interested:

Be Part of Chasing Legends!
Saturday - March 13, 12pm - Georgetown

Gripped Films is looking for 45-70 cyclists and at least 20 spectators who can cheer for a 2 hour film shoot on Saturday March 13th in Georgetown starting at NOON - that way training rides can come before shooting.

This is for a scene in our upcoming film on the Tour de France, Chasing Legends. We want to replicate a small race with men on bikes and a crowd of people cheering them on. There is no pay but you will get a name credit in the film.

Helmet - don't worry about current styles, all riders must have one on as the street where we will film is sketchy and hard to ride on.
Men on bikes, women, kids, pets welcome to cheer on side of street.
Cyclists must be available from 12 noon-2pm and bring their own bike
Cyclists must wear their own non-logo clothing if possible such as vintage and wool jerseys and shorts (old logos are ok like TIGRE or GS MOLTENI, older style shoes if possible and plain socks ie: office dress socks
Bikes leave the carbon at home, only steel, Ti, alu (cross bikes welcome just use slicks or super low profile knobbies) - prefer vintage or old (no flash) the but still need to withstand a pounding (think Roubaix, this is the cobblestone street with trolly rails). Sorry no cash or reimbursement if a bike or wheel breaks. NO CARBON RIMS. Also, old commuters are acceptable as well. Flat pedals preferred, no sneakers tho, please wear anything that might pass for vintage. Clip ins are ok but flat pedals with shoes will get put up front.
In addition, we will need people to act as a cheering crowd and ring cowbells. We welcome families and kids, please bring cow bells but nothing that would date the scene as current. Older style, non-descript clothing preferred, no down puffy coats please. Old hats are cool - but really old. Like 20's style.
For all those who are interested please contact Gwen at before March 8th.
There might be a group ride leaving from the shoot after if someone is interested in leading it (We'll be breaking down the cameras)

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