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Swim Instruction Recommendations
CREATED: 06/29/09 by breeyag REPLIES: 1
breeyag's ravatar breeyag    JOINED: 4/13/09    POSTS: 17
Swim Instruction Recommendations
POSTED: 6/29/09 2:38 PM

Hi everyone,

So I just completed my first tri (Montclair), and it was a blast. But it's apparent that I need to work on my swimming. I did a little research and found lessons through OnPoint Fitness. Does anyone have any experience with them? Along that vein, any other clinics or instructors you would recommend? Thanks!


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Swim Instruction Recommendations
POSTED: 6/29/09 2:44 PM

My swim coach will be down in early August (9-11?) and will be available for one on one lessons. Thereafter, he can design a custom workout plan for you for a monthly fee. He used to coach for the Potomac Marlins out of Chinquapin, but moved to Boston area last Fall. He really is excellent and knows his stuff. He currently coaches in Boston and also does cyber coaching for a variety of levels. Give him an email at:

Peter Sczupak<>
Peter J. Sczupak, Managing Director and Partner
Oceanus Consulting, Inc.

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