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Catoctin 50k
CREATED: 08/01/10 by sbarron01 REPLIES: 1
sbarron01    JOINED: 7/26/10    POSTS: 5
Catoctin 50k
POSTED: 8/01/10 7:32 AM

Actually turned out to be 33mi. insted of 31mi due to washout of 2 parts of the trail requiring detours. But who's complaining about the extra mileage! Gorgeous day, cool start, completely shaded, run started at 8am in Gambrill State Park, out to Manor Hill, back. Aid stations at 6, 9 and turnaround then you hit them again on the return. Plenty to drink, lots of food. Drank Mt Dew on the way out and ate 2 PB&J sandwiches, Gatorade on the way back. Carried 2 10oz bottles of water with no use on the out but finished in the last 6 miles. It's a tough run with 30 of the mi. running on top of rock - loose rocks mixed with large boulders imbedded in ground. 6,000 feet of elevation change. Totally ran out of steam at 30, last 3 mi uphill with the last mi being the worst - felt like a straight uphill with a switchback and 2 sets of stairs before landing in the parking lot. B-b-q still going when I got done and grabbed a cheeseburger before heading back to DC. If this had been on the road, I would have hated it. But there's something about running (all darn day!) in the woods that made it much less painful. Would I do it again? Today, no. But ask me again in 11 months!

kev7's ravatar kev7    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 470
RE: Catoctin 50k
POSTED: 8/01/10 11:11 AM

Awesome race! It sounds super tough!!

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