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IM Austria
CREATED: 06/29/12 by jorlie REPLIES: 1
jorlie's ravatar jorlie    JOINED: 11/19/10    POSTS: 57
IM Austria
POSTED: 6/29/12 5:22 AM

I've decided to tackle my 1st full next yr. Who's done Austria? Anybody? Thoughts?

Why Austria? Well, a friend just moved there, my wife wants to visit, & on event day, I'll be less than 1 yr from aging up to 40-44AG. All good reasons.

BTW-registration opens next Monday, July 2nd at 6pm EST & I'll be ready to pull the trigger. I believe this is one of the few European IM that sells out "quickly" as in 4-5 days.

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1099
RE: IM Austria
POSTED: 6/29/12 9:06 AM

We actually have a former club member racing this weekend at IM Austria and he has been posting pictures on Facebook of the venue and the lake and they're simply amazing. Though as one of our other friends said "he could take a picture of garbage and make it look beautiful." This guy is an amazing photographer.

But anyway, I'm waiting to hear back from him about the race but I am already pretty assured that I'm going to sign up. I asked him about sign up and he says it's typically under a month before it closes (but this could always change). For last year's race he tried to sign up a month after registration opened and it was sold out. For this year's race, he signed up the day registration opened, but there were still spots open a few weeks later.

Another option that my friend said to consider is through Endurance Sports Travel. They have package deals on hotels, food, tours of the course, transportation to and from race, side trips, bike mechanics, etc. that also contain access into the race (with a surcharge, of course). As of their April update, they still had spots into Austria 2012. So if you miss signing up in general registration or aren't ready to pull the plug just yet, there is that option as well. The former club member used them for IM Switzerland last year and is using them again for IM Austria right now.

I want to do this race because the course looks gorgeous and the end of the swim along the canal lined with spectators just looks awesome. So I will most likely see you out there! Now just to find money to pay the entry fee.....


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