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Timberman 2013
CREATED: 11/05/12 by jhull REPLIES:
jhull    JOINED: 5/31/12    POSTS: 29
Timberman 2013
POSTED: 11/05/12 10:44 AM

After being deprived of ANY triathlons in 2012, only racing in a few road races, I bit the bullet and signed up for TIMBERMAN 2013. Amazingly, registration is only $199 through November 7th, so it was even easier to commit to what I've been told is quite a great 70.3 distance race.

I'm really excited for this race, as its set in a little resort town on one of the cleanest lakes in the country, and from what I've heard the entire race weekend has that small-town festival feel. This will be my first 70.3 distance race, so I'm really looking forward to training and racing this longer distance.

Is anyone else planning to do this race? If so, if you are interested in sharing a house for the weekend, please let me know. The sooner we can book it the better, as I'm told rental places fill up pretty quickly for the race.

What's this I hear about a "Lobster Fry"?!

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