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Free: Bikes Aloft Short Arm (2)
CREATED: 02/16/11 by emle REPLIES:
emle's ravatar emle    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 127
Free: Bikes Aloft Short Arm (2)
POSTED: 2/16/11 5:28 PM

I have 2 Bikes Aloft Short Arms available. Not sure what that is? It's this:

I did get it from Performance so if you have whatever their bike stand brand was before it changed to Bikes Aloft it will still work on that.
I DON'T have the cushion/replacement cradle. So you can either purchase one or get creative and make one.

Interested? Email me at eajacobs15 at yahoo dot com.
I live 1 block from the Waterfront metro, and work in the Farragut North area (19th/M ST NW) if meeting during lunch is easier.


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