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Looking for a Youth Swim Coach
CREATED: 04/07/11 by msgibson123 REPLIES:
msgibson123's ravatar msgibson123    JOINED: 6/16/10    POSTS: 19
Looking for a Youth Swim Coach
POSTED: 4/07/11 2:20 PM

Hi all- I got this email from a friend, and I told her I'd pass it along to folks I knew in the swimming community. If you're looking for some summer work (to fit in between your training sessions:-) ), this may be of interest to you! The contact is listed at the bottom of the post.

Knights of Columbus Summer Day Camp is looking for an experienced head coach for Summer 2011 that will bring their love of the sport and expertise to our campers. (S)he will be in charge of coach/teaching all levels of swimmers, ages 5-12, from beginner
swimmers to experienced swim team members. Lessons should include basics to stroke technique to just fun in the pool. Planning and organizing lessons will be up to the coach.

Coach must be available for all summer sessions starting June 20th and ending August 19, 2011.
Swim coaches will work from 8:45-2:30 with a break for lunch. In the afternoon coaches will have the option of offering private swim lessons and have access to our pool and facilities.

Ideally this successful candidate(s) will have an encouraging personality and experience as head coach to encourage each of our swimmers to love the sport. Knowledge of NVSL and US Swimming rules is preferred and strong interpersonal, teaching, and communication skills with both children and adults (parents, life guards and counselors) are required.

The pay is hourly but pays well and if they choose to do private lessons afterward they have a great set up financially.


Chandler Hill

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