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ChesapeakeMan 2011
CREATED: 11/09/10 by ecrandlemire REPLIES: 20
jsglazer's ravatar jsglazer    JOINED: 7/24/10    POSTS: 4
RE: ChesapeakeMan 2011
POSTED: 9/27/11 10:56 PM

ChesapeakeMan was a great first IM-distance event for me. Considering what we could have had, the weather was awesome. I got lucky with only one jellyfish sting--and 20' from the swim exit no less. Biking through marsh-flooded roads was pretty cool. It took me awhile to realize that it's faster to coast then to pedal since my feet kept hitting the water on the down stroke. I talked to a bunch of folks on the run, and crossed paths with several DC Tri jerseys. Now I'm screwed because on the one hand I want to do an M-dot-branded IM, but at the same time I want to resume my old life of sloth and leisure. And I'm wondering how much faster I would go with a set of those fancy Zipp wheels...

and a huge shout out to Tuan and other fellow DC Tri folks for some badass training this summer!

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