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Newest future Ironman
CREATED: 11/10/12 by npleisch REPLIES:
npleisch    JOINED: 4/5/12    POSTS: 143
Newest future Ironman
POSTED: 11/10/12 11:53 AM

I talked to a few of you at the annual meeting in DC a couple weeks ago about our baby-boy-to-be. Well, he was born last Friday night at 8:36. He was 8 lbs 7 ozs and 20.5 inches long. His name is Christian James Pleisch. Mom and baby are doing well. And yes, I've got the Ironman Bob stroller ready to roll the SECOND he's big enough to take him for a run. Email me if you'd like to see a picture (, since I'm not sure I can attach a picture in the forum.

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