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DCTri Club USAT NCC - Update 11 (Beat Elliott Edition)
CREATED: 01/19/13 by ballstoncyclist REPLIES: 1
ballstoncyclist's ravatar ballstoncyclist    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 496
DCTri Club NCC-Update 11 (Beat Elliott Edition)
POSTED: 1/19/13 2:16 AM

Hello from sunny (kind of) Wanaka. Just finished the Lake Wanaka Half and let me tell you, when people joke about preparing for 3 seasons when racing in New Zealand they were not joking. Day started cold and windy (swim), then it got windy and rainy (bike), and then no wind and hot(run). Just how we like it. But it’s done and the miles are logged. Highlight of the week was swimming with Macca on Wednesday and then seeing him on the bike yesterday doing a little day-before ride and passing him and saying “passing on the right Macca”.

Cycling Challenge for Week 3 (Jan 20-26): Beat Elliott’s bike miles
The Challenge Elliott begins tomorrow. The challenge is simple: he will cook dinner for anyone who beats his total bike mileage for the week, plus a guest of their choice. (Katie has offered to help as well). If more than three people beat him (as if...), he'll cook for the top three. And I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited for brunch at their place, and those two can cook!

Use the all too familiar file (Bike tab) to keep track of the bike progress.

[b]Kick off to Run Month: Sunday, February 3, Morning[b]
To kick-off run month we will have a special run event in Rock Creek Park inspired by the super fun Sunday RCP Runs.

First Annual DC Tri Club Takes Over (bandit style) Rock Creek Park RUN!!

Place: Trails of Rock Creek Park (or beach Drive for those trail adverse). Start and finish location: Pierce Mill.

Time: start time variable so we all finish around 11ish am

• The Kip&Patrick: the 10 mile loop we all know and love so much. (
• The Reverse Kip&Patrick: well, the same as the Kip&Patrick but counter clockwise.
• The Weak Ankle: 10 miles (as an out an back) on Beach Drive
• The Jess Oldham: about 20 miles, the first 10 is the Kip&Patrick followed by the Weak Ankle. You get 10ish miles on the trail, and 10ish miles on solid payment.
• The Danny Hayes (AKA: Alejandro and Phil please shut-up, I’m in a dark place): One Kip&Patrick followed by a Reverse Kip&Patrick. 20ish miles total.
• The Mocha the Dog: easy stroll on the trails. Perfect to just chill and enjoy the park. No running involved. Chasing squirrels optional.

To help coordinate groups I have created a thread on the forum. Just post there what you plan to do and start time so groups can form for those not familiar with the trails.

Alejandro (let the 2013 season begin)

morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: DCTri Club USAT NCC - Update 11 (Beat Elliott Edition)
POSTED: 1/25/13 2:55 PM

congrats DC Tri 1 Team for pulling over the 100K mark - DC Tri 2 Team is also pulling in some impressive mileage.

We so totally rock!

See some of you at the Ron Spin Fest tomorrow - no snow will keep us from our appointed rounds...

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