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Climbing Work - New Year's Day
CREATED: 12/29/10 by gandybt REPLIES:
gandybt    JOINED: 11/8/09    POSTS: 53
Climbing Work - New Year's Day
POSTED: 12/29/10 10:41 AM

Assuming no snow, I'm planning on heading out to Falls Road and doing some hill repeats on New Year's Day. Planning on starting from Wisconsin & M at 8AM. Apart from (hopefully) enjoying weather that's only semi-Arctic, participants will encounter ride highlights will include sights of Georgetowners doing the walk of shame home, Brad's physics-defying feat of staying upright on two wheels while going uphill at a pace best described as "glacial", and the right to be known as one of that elite group of cyclists (self-designated by yours truly) known as the "Frozen Chosen"

Happy New Year!

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