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Ironman Coach and Swim Coach
CREATED: 09/04/11 by novasupra REPLIES: 2
novasupra's ravatar novasupra    JOINED: 12/3/09    POSTS: 70
Ironman Coach and Swim Coach
POSTED: 9/04/11 1:48 AM

Looking for recommendations for an Ironman coach and a swim coach. Can be one person that does both or it could be seperate people.

IM coach looking for someone to put together custom tailored workouts for me, evaluate and adjust based on progress, nutrition plan, motivation, technique assessment / correction, etc.

Swim coach to focus primarily on technique, i'm fairly comfortable in the water but want to improve my speed and efficiency... currently swim 100m LCM in about 1:50-2:00 but want to drop to 1:30. Also my stroke causing some discomfort in my back shoulder blade and none of my own tweaks have been able to get rid of it. Looking for one on one or a very small group ie less than 3 people.

Thanks in advance for the recommendations.


SarahB    JOINED: 9/5/11    POSTS: 10
RE: Ironman Coach and Swim Coach
POSTED: 9/05/11 9:55 AM

Sorry to tag on, but I was about to start a topic on this! :)

Also looking for a swim coach to help with technique headed into my first Tri in 4 weeks (Giant Acorn). I'm a capable swimmer but inexperienced and inefficient/tire quickly (currently 2:00ish for 100m when fresh in the water). One on one or small group would work. Thanks in advance for any help!


rtroll's ravatar rtroll    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 510
RE: Ironman Coach and Swim Coach
POSTED: 9/05/11 9:51 PM

We have a few coaching partners in the club who train athletes at all levels but are noted for their coaching at the ironman level. We'll be expanding upon these relationships as time goes on. In the meantime, here are some recommendations to consider:

Fitness Concepts -

Debbie Bernardes ("Coach Debbie") - - Coach Debbie is the coach for our Ironman Training Program

AJ Morrison ("Coach AJ") - - Coach AJ is the coach for our Olympic Distance and Half Ironman Training programs.

If you are looking for swim coaching and skill building, the club is in the final stages of planning a triathlete-focused swim program with our partner, WaveOne Swimming. Fee will be somewhere in the ballpark of $60 - $75 per month, program will meet 2-3 times per week and the focus will be on building skills and strength in the water as well as technique which hopefully will lead to speed!

DCT Partnerships

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