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Join My Tri Team!
CREATED: 06/04/12 by AubrynSidle REPLIES:
AubrynSidle    JOINED: 6/4/12    POSTS: 1
Join My Tri Team!
POSTED: 6/04/12 11:28 AM

Hello everybody!

My name is Aubryn and I am racing in and fundraising for the Nation's Tri this September on behalf of Advancing Girls' Education in Africa (AGE), a small locally-based nonprofit that I am the Executive Director of and that helps give girls in Malawi the resources to continue their secondary school education.

As a member of Team AGE, I hope to help expand AGE's program in Malawi and help serve more students in the upcoming year through racing in the Tri. It's the best of both worlds- great exercise for a great cause!

And we're still recruiting athletes to our team, so if you're interested message me back, we'd love to have you on board!


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