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Beach 2 Battleship Sign Up
CREATED: 06/13/10 by nomisdc REPLIES: 22
ncrcoach's ravatar ncrcoach    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1101
RE: Beach 2 Battleship Sign Up
POSTED: 11/14/10 10:42 PM

Sorry that I was busy at our state x-c meet, but I heard that everyone had some super times down there at B2B. Congrats to all! Looking forward to the RR from some of you.

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2218
RE: Beach 2 Battleship Sign Up
POSTED: 11/15/10 11:58 AM

Rapid Response Race Report

It was a sweaty, nerve-wracking, all-day event for some, and lasted well until the night for others.

But enough about the pre-race setup, which sprawled over multiple transition areas and demanded upwards of five separate transition and special-needs bags!

As for the race:

Not saying the swim was cold, but the “Wiggling Man” pointing the way to the swim exit had to abandon his post due to icebergs.

Not saying the bike was gusty, but at the last minute the course was changed to the host city’s Hurricane Evacuation Route.

Not saying the food at some support stops was meager, but instead of energy bars they featured Jenny Craig brochures.

Not saying the finish line was congested—what with errant SUVs, and runners, spectators, and bikers all sharing the same four-foot-wide trail—but every individual finisher was ticketed for HOV lane violations!

Not saying the lines to the water taxis for leaving the place were long--but a group of exhausted, frustrated racers hijacked the Battleship to get back into town.


It was a glorious, crystal-clear day.

Volunteers were cheerful, ubiquitous, and overflowing with Southern hospitality.

Wilmington is a swell seaport town, and Wrightsville Beach a little-known gem.

And there enough fast, gritty racers to keep everyone’s jaws continually dropped with admiration.

ssinclai's ravatar ssinclai    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 47
RE: Beach 2 Battleship Sign Up
POSTED: 11/16/10 6:52 PM

LOL @ Ed.

You know it's cold when the water is warmer than the air temp. An hour and a half wait in 38 degree weather for the swim start. I absolutely enjoyed the swim. Heard the dolphins. Only wished they had more buoys to guide us once we made the first left turn. I had no idea where I was going. Note to self to put on my heart rate monitor before the swim. Spent a considerable amount of time in T1 trying to get that on. The ride was windy for sure. That is all. The run was fun. I started to lallygag around mile 4 and tried to enjoy the moment. Note to self, do not douse yourself with a jug of water because your sneakers will get heavy and squeak for the entire (rest of the) 9 mile run. It was great to finish and get that massage. The foot massage was the best.

Already thinking of my next Half. I wish I could have stayed longer to enjoy Wilmington. It was really great to see some happy and familiar faces.

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