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Live near MoCo, MD? Check out our new website!
CREATED: 12/12/11 by laineym3 REPLIES:
laineym3's ravatar laineym3    JOINED: 7/2/10    POSTS: 123
Live near MoCo, MD? Check out our new website!
POSTED: 12/12/11 2:03 PM

We created a new website as a way to better communicate and serve the MoCo community and have tried to incorporate features that will make everyone happy.

The Events Section - Will allow us to schedule training sessions, races or club events well in advance. People will have the options to RSVP, track events and also see who else are doing said events. You can choose whether you do or don't want email notifications for said events so your email box doesn't get filled with emails that don't interest you.

The Tri News/Forum section - is a way to track club news easier (both MoCo Specific and general Club news) as well as add any kind of input for said news.

Chat - This is for when club members just want to shoot the shit or have live conversations about something instead of sending tons of emails back and fourth.

Blogs - If you want to post your own race reports and that type of thing.

Photos & Videos - For you to upload images or videos from races and club events to share with others

The site can only be accessed by club members or those invited to join the site, so you can post images and such without having to worry about the entire world seeing it. We encourage that you post a image of yourself in your profile (especially if your new so we can put names to faces)

We will be doing away with the google groups page Jan. 1st for those who are on that site currently. So please check it out. The site is still in a BETA test stage so let us know what you think, what you like or don't like about it, that type of thing as we will be adding content and making changes as needed over the next week or so.

I know by now, you're wondering... just give me the stupid link :) here it is:

Elaine and Jay (your moco leaders)

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