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Wednesday Track Workouts
CREATED: 01/31/12 by afava REPLIES: 1
afava's ravatar afava    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 258
Wednesday Track Workouts
POSTED: 1/31/12 8:09 AM

Our Wednesday track workouts are going strong this winter thanks to our fearless leaders Hilary Cairns, Hillary Peabody and Travis Siehndel.

Gallaudet University, 5:45 am

Wilson High School, 6:30 pm

Capitol Hill Track Workout at Gallaudet University, 7:00 pm

We know you have Spring races in your calendars - come out and run with DC Tri on Wednesdays!


AndreChen    JOINED: 9/22/13    POSTS: 2
RE: Wednesday Track Workouts
POSTED: 9/24/13 9:25 AM

Hi Andrea,

Are the track workouts at Gallaudet still active on Wednesday morning and everning?


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