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High Cloud Charity Hat Run
CREATED: 12/12/11 by DoggyBrown REPLIES: 3
DoggyBrown's ravatar DoggyBrown    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 137
High Cloud Charity Hat Run
POSTED: 12/12/11 3:41 PM

Apologies if this is posted elsewhere, but we wanted the club to remember that there's the 1st Annual High Cloud Snapple Homeless Hat Run on this Saturday, December 17th 2011. It will be a fun training run with a 6 mile and 11 mile option!

$35--all proceeds to High Cloud--it's a Christmas Tree and Homeless run.

The run goes past the White House and Capitol christmas trees. Everyone gets 2 winter hats and food to pass out to homeless people on the run. Start and end at Irish 4 courts in Courthouse with party to follow the run.

JayC101's ravatar JayC101    JOINED: 2/27/11    POSTS: 105
RE: High Cloud Charity Hat Run
POSTED: 12/14/11 8:11 AM

Myself and a few other DC Tri MoCo's will be doing the 11 miler.

hppeabody's ravatar hppeabody    JOINED: 9/17/09    POSTS: 193
RE: High Cloud Charity Hat Run
POSTED: 12/13/12 8:52 AM

Hey guys,

We are doing this event again this year. Its THIS SUNDAY, 9 am, starting from Four Courts in Arlington (Courthouse). For $35, you get two beanies, one for you and one for a homeless person, then we'll take off on a low key run together during which we will actually give out the extra hats to the homeless. There will be 6 mile and 11 mile options. We will also have prizes, including for the most festive (so dress up in your holiday best!)

You know you need a run anyway, and we'll have lots of different paces. So bring a friend, and come out to give back to the community during the holidays, and still get your sunday run in!!

More info at:

Feel free to email me at hillary at should you have any questions.



SagunaH's ravatar SagunaH    JOINED: 1/19/11    POSTS: 9
RE: High Cloud Charity Hat Run
POSTED: 12/14/12 3:53 PM

Great excuse to get a fun holiday run in! Thanks!

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