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Children's Day Tri for NIH and YMCA Charities! Register a child today!
CREATED: 04/21/14 by Tooch REPLIES:
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Children's Day Tri for NIH and YMCA Charities! Register a child today!
POSTED: 4/21/14 11:58 AM

We are pleased to announce the First Annual Children's Day Triathlon presented by the NIH Recreation and Welfare Association and the YMCA of Greater Washington.

Who: 8-12 year olds
What: Kids Triathlon including a 50m swim, 1.65mi bike, and a 0.5mi run
When: June 8, 2014 (National Children's Day)
Where: YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase, 9401 Old Georgetown Rd.

The Children’s Day Triathlon seeks to encourage physically healthier lifestyles for children, while raising money to support charities that also benefit children. The money raised by children through this event will be donated to youth programs at the YMCA and NIH-associated charities.

Fueled by our mission of “Kids raising money for kids,” there will be a fundraising commitment for all entrants. Each athlete has the opportunity to create his or her own fundraising page online. This will provide them with the ability to be actively involved in supporting the interests of the event’s Charities. We hope that by raising money to help fellow children, who may be less privileged or sick, we will instill crucial values into our community’s children.

Register your child now!

Like us on Facebook!

Please help us support this inaugural event that we hope to instill as a community tradition for years to come.

Email us with questions and comments:

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