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Leader TT-735
CREATED: 01/15/10 by ant753 REPLIES:
ant753    JOINED: 11/7/09    POSTS: 9
Leader TT-735
POSTED: 1/15/10 11:40 PM

Anyone have any experience with this frame? I'm currently looking at this build

54cm Leader TT-735 frame
Cannondale Premium Carbon fork
Performance Titan Wheelset w/ 15T single speed conversion kit on rear wheel.
FSA SLK Crankset and bottom bracket w/ FSA 44T chainring
Profile Airwing handlebars w/ generic brake levers. (It has a rear brake ONLY)
SLR 165 gram saddle

and wondering if i should pull the trigger or not... I think i would have to add some pieces to get into true Tri shape.


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