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Bike wheel advice ??
CREATED: 05/12/09 by arabolu REPLIES: 2
arabolu's ravatar arabolu    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 36
Bike wheel advice ??
POSTED: 5/12/09 12:33 PM

I need to buy a new wheel & tire for my bike (57"). Could someone tell me if I can just buy these things online at maybe Nashbar ? Are there different wheel sizes depending on bike size and are there other factors that I need to be aware of ??
Or is it just better to just go to maybe Conte's and buy it.

Thanks !!
- shay

vatriathlete    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 685
RE: Bike wheel advice ??
POSTED: 5/19/09 9:59 AM

if its a road bike its probably a 700 c size, take a look at the sidewall of teh tire it will tell you there. On the oft chance its a 650 wheel look for that number, but i highly doubt it as a 57 bike normally even back in teh day didnt use 650 wheels that much.

if its a mtb wheel its probably a 26" diamater wheel and again look on the sidewall.

either way if you go with nashbar/excelsports/colorado cyclist, etc you probably will get a cheap deal, you just have to wait a week or so to get it, but you will save.

make sure you just mention that you are unsure of size and they will lead you through the steps of finding out the wheel size.

if you need it now then a local bike shop can help you.

the only other thing you should be aware of is count the number of gears on teh rear wheel, if it has 7 or less on it, then you might not be able to find a wheel for it, it will be too old as it has teh older spacing of 126mm, if its 8-10 then its any standard wheel sold now 130 mm spacing. if its a front wheel its the same size no matter how many gears are on the back.

also so you know your bike if its a "57" road bike that is in cm not inches, if its a mtb then its something like 16-22 inches in sizing.

arabolu's ravatar arabolu    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 36
RE: Bike wheel advice ??
POSTED: 5/20/09 2:25 PM

Thanks for the detailed advice ! Biking is pretty new to me so really appreciate it.

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