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Private Space in Townhouse Avail Dec 1
CREATED: 11/08/13 by rgreen09 REPLIES:
rgreen09    JOINED: 1/21/12    POSTS: 16
Private Space in Townhouse Avail Dec 1
POSTED: 11/08/13 11:47 AM

I'm looking to rent out my room in Arlington, VA by December 1. It's a great location - half a mile from both Courthouse and Clarendon, and street parking is super easy! The neighborhood is fantastic. A lot of young professionals, a big playground and right next to the bike trail. It's one block from a Giant grocery store and 24 hour CVS Pharmacy, and a 10 min walk to Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Address is 1902 N Daniel St, Arlington, VA.

The room for rent is a split level area - a landing with private half bath and a bedroom on lower level. Also, virtually private patio outside! It's like having your own little apartment area and using a shared kitchen/shower.

Rent includes all utilities (gas, DishTV, Internet, electric) as well as maid service. You don't have to put anything in your name or pay any other bills! It's $1400/month.

Please contact me if interested!

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