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Ballston Morning Riders
CREATED: 05/25/12 by clayalmy REPLIES: 2
clayalmy    JOINED: 2/22/11    POSTS: 3
Ballston Morning Riders
POSTED: 5/25/12 2:13 PM

Any active early morning cyclists in the Ballston area looking for others to ride/train with?

Lately I range between 16-32 miles in the early mornings (5:15 am - 5:45am start depending on distance), and would love to find others interested in hitting some Arlington / North Arlington routes with me. I try to get out several times a week, and perhaps with enough consistency we can get a small regular group together.

To give a sense for trails and pace, I have linked to two recent routes (16 miles ~1 hour) (32 miles ~2 hours)

Clay Almy

smaccher    JOINED: 12/29/11    POSTS: 11
RE: Ballston Morning Riders
POSTED: 6/14/12 9:27 AM

I would be very interested in joining you! Are you still biking in the mornings?

clayalmy    JOINED: 2/22/11    POSTS: 3
RE: Ballston Morning Riders
POSTED: 6/14/12 6:26 PM

Still riding in the mornings whenever I can, and have started a little group on ( where I'm trying to recruit some co-workers who live nearby.

if you are up for a ride, post either here or there, and we can try to find a time and a route that works.


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