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Phoenix Bikes Offering Adult Instruction Nights
CREATED: 11/27/09 by idar REPLIES:
idar's ravatar idar    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 35
Phoenix Bikes Offering Adult Instruction Nights
POSTED: 11/27/09 9:13 PM

I just found out about this new instruction opportunity at Phoenix Bikes in Arlington and thought I'd share this great resource. Great way to spend some time this winter.

Phoenix Bikes Volunteers have begun hosting Workshops for Adults the First Thursday of every month! Come learn how to fix and maintain your bike, ask questions, find out how to fit a bike and assess its value, spruce up your ride, and more. Sessions usually run from 7 - 9 pm.

The First Thursday of every month will be a Learn As You Work, Adult Instruction Night night. Each session one topic will be covered by an instructor, with time for q&a and a chance to practice what you learned. You can bring in your own bike, or work on one in the shop.

November: Rear Derailleur and Shifter, Eamon.
December: Wheels, Maintenance & Repacking Hubs, Eamon.
January: Replacing Spokes & Basic of Wheel Trueing

For now, Community Open Shop Night will also be held on the first Thursday. During and after the instructional session, community Members are welcome to bring their own projects and questions into the shop. You'll have access to tools and mechanical guidance.

A $5 Donation is requested from each participant. This helps keep the shop open! Volunteers that have recently committed time to mentoring or shop night, can make their donation with time.

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