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Patriot's New Run Course
CREATED: 08/20/09 by wombat REPLIES:
wombat's ravatar wombat    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 269
Patriot's New Run Course
POSTED: 8/20/09 2:55 PM

For those who haven't checked the website, the Patriot's run course was altered. Although the new run course map has not been posted, the race director emailed me the following turn-by-turn directions for the new course.

"Unfortunately, we are still waiting for our graphics group to finish the visual map. Until then, here are turn-by-turn directions that have not been posted on the website.

1/2 Run - Left out driveway from Vermillion house (finish line too)
Cross Rt 359 (get on Jamestown Access Road)
Keep going until the end at Landsdown - turnaround.
Come back to bike path that crosses over Jamestown and parallels Greensprings - turn right.
Go over Jamestown - go about 200 meters - cross 4H club rd.
Go about a mile - turn right on first gravel trail.
Follow trail and make 2 left turns to stay on the main loop.
At some point the trail will "Y" - you turn right about 30 degrees with a slight uphill. This takes you into a parking lot/trailhead.
Go through parking lot and go past Jamestown HS on bike path (school will be on your left)
Turn left on bike path in front of school - If you hit Rt. 5 you have gone too far.
Cross big wooden bridge - Hit "T" in road - go right.
Follow this to intersection of Greensprings Rd - Just before Greensprings rd is a park bench - turnaround here.
Follow bike bath straight back towards the start. At the entrance to Mainland farm (about a 1/4 mile from Jamestown Road) is the turn around point to start the second lap of the run course.

Do the second lap and then come back to the main turn around point - cross 4H road - cross Jamestown Road - turn right on access road and head back to driveway and finish line."

I am going to Williamsburg on Saturday, August 29th to ride the bike and run courses. Email me if you are interested in coming. I plan to leave at 5:30 am and come back that afternoon.

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