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Training friends in Hill East
CREATED: 02/18/11 by wmichaeljones REPLIES: 1
wmichaeljones's ravatar wmichaeljones    JOINED: 1/12/11    POSTS: 17
Training friends in Hill East
POSTED: 2/18/11 10:14 AM

Hey, I noticed that there are some folks in the Hill East area interested in doing some runs/bike rides together. While I'm not actually doing the NTP, I am new to the club and rather new to triathlons, too.

I live about two blocks north of the Potomac Avenue metro, and I'd really like to find a group to run with. It would be great to have a regular meet-up a couple of times a week. Also, I see sort of an added benefit in the fact that we would, assumably, also be neighbors! I just moved into the neighborhood from another part of the Hill, so I'm anxious to meet some new people. Why not have those people be fellow runners/triathletes?!

Let me know if you'd be interested and hopefully we can set something up!


p.s. for what it's worth, my roommates and I are trying to meet more young people in the neighborhood so we have more frequent excuses to throw parties haha

Paco1029    JOINED: 10/18/10    POSTS: 13
RE: Training friends in Hill East
POSTED: 2/18/11 3:33 PM

I'd definitely be interested in meeting up as well. I live 5 blocks from Potomac Ave, and often bike and run after work as much as possible.

jordantobin @

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