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Who lives in the Old Town Alexandria area?
CREATED: 06/29/12 by jhull REPLIES: 3
jhull    JOINED: 5/31/12    POSTS: 29
Who lives in the Old Town Alexandria area?
POSTED: 6/29/12 11:00 AM

Just moved to Old Town area this Spring, and I'm in the process of training for a half iron distance race in the Fall. I've been all over the city, up the Vernon trail, around Hains Point, out Cameron Run, over into Maryland, and out 4-mile trail and beyond. I know there are a lot of group rides and runs but they all seem to be in the District or NW suburbs.

I'm looking for some other DC Tri folks to meet up maybe once or twice a week to group run or bike down in the Old Town area. If you're interested, post up and let me know what days/times might work. I usually train weekdays in the afternoons/evenings, and mornings on the weekend, but I'm flexible.

malloyrobert's ravatar malloyrobert    JOINED: 1/21/12    POSTS: 15
RE: Who lives in the Old Town Alexandria area?
POSTED: 6/29/12 12:20 PM

I live off the Mt. Vernon Trail at Collingwood. Mile marker 4. If you come down this way we can cut through Ft. Belvoir and go to Gunston Rd which leads to a Virginia State Park with nice shaded roads no traffice and then back.

Also, sometimes i meet up with a few people and do repeat sprints at Ft. Hunt Park (mile marker 3). The park is a 1.2 mile loop - no to little traffic.

Finally.... I will go down Mt. Vernon trail to 4 mile run... to W&OD trail to Custis which takes you back to Mt. Vernon at Georgtown and home. That is 37 miles.

Also- at the Belle View Marina on Saturday Mornings at 7:15 am is Potomac Runners. anywhere between 30 - 100 runners a weekend. Training for anything and everything. We've had olympic hopefuls in the group. No Cost... EVER.... Very worthwhile.

Send me a note -

brownnugen    JOINED: 3/23/14    POSTS: 4
RE: Who lives in the Old Town Alexandria area?
POSTED: 3/27/14 7:57 PM

I live off of Ft Hunt Rd, near the marina. I would love to find some training partners (especially swimming). There is a Sunday group ride from Spokes in Belle Haven, leaves at 3 pm (at least before the winter hit). I've run with the Potomac Runners, they are a great group.

GabiT's ravatar GabiT    JOINED: 5/12/13    POSTS: 10
RE: Who lives in the Old Town Alexandria area?
POSTED: 3/28/14 8:06 PM

My husband and I are in Old Town (King st metro area) and we're training for IM Louisville (late Aug). We'd def be interested in training with others especially as our mileage increases!
We have gone out on runs with Pacers on Tue and Thu (starts at 7pm). We have also been riding up to meet the Sat ride in DC.

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