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Nutrition for Endurance Athletes Workshop
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Nutrition for Endurance Athletes Workshop
POSTED: 5/06/14 1:12 PM

Endurance sports require hours and hours of commitment, and you want to maximize this commitment by fueling properly. Nutrition can often make or break a workout or race performance, not to mention determine your energy and focus for regular daily activities!

Attend this session and learn:
- Five key strategies for daily fueling
- Tips for proper hydration
- Tools for fueling on race day

Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2014
Time: 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: Sports and Spinal Physical Therapy, 2175 K Street, NW, Suite C-120, Washington, DC 20037 (next to Starbucks).
Fee: Free

Presenter: Lauren Trocchio, RD LD -- Join Registered Dietitian and triathlete Lauren Trocchio for a discussion on the essentials of endurance sport fueling and how to have a healthy race season.

Event information is also available at:

This event is being presented by DC Tri Club partner Sports + Spinal Physical Therapy. To learn more, visit us at or

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