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IronHombre Cozumel 2009
CREATED: 11/28/09 by sandyc REPLIES: 24
Herminator's ravatar Herminator    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 17
RE: IronHombre Cozumel 2009
POSTED: 11/30/09 9:35 AM


Yeah...sure. And there's probably also a hidden 6000 meter climb on the the undeveloped side of island, right? Naturally, it can't be seen from the side of the island that your family and I were on. :-)

Seriously...AWESOME job by all of you yesterday!

mtallent's ravatar mtallent    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 38
RE: IronHombre Cozumel 2009
POSTED: 12/01/09 12:17 PM

I just signed up for next year's race. It will be my first IM. Someone give me the scoop! I read about the wicked crosswinds on the website, is it windy most of the way around or just one side of the island? Sounds like the swim has potential for a really bad current... what about the run?

tgrollman's ravatar tgrollman    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 298
RE: IronHombre Cozumel 2009
POSTED: 12/07/09 10:42 AM

Thanks to everyone for keeping up with me last Sunday. Sorry to have kept you up so late :-).

The race was amazing, the people even more. I would suggest this IM to anyone, just be prepared for wind, humidity and mosquitoes!


donnachaidh23    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 1
RE: IronHombre Cozumel 2009
POSTED: 12/07/09 1:55 PM

mtallent - It's only windy on one side. For us it was the east side, so our turn north took us directly into the wind. It can be pretty brutal and relentless, and lasts for around 12-14 miles. The first couple of miles are a bit shielded though, so not as bad. The first couple days I was on the island the west side was windy, which would have been great, because it would have been all tailwind, but I think it is generally the east side that gets it. I didn't have any issues with the crosswinds.

Don't worry about the stories of the swim current. It was an easy swim. I'm not a strong swimmer and finished in 1:06.

As for the run, put some bug spray in your gear bag and drink lots of fluids. It's humid, but it's completely flat.


mtallent's ravatar mtallent    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 38
RE: IronHombre Cozumel 2009
POSTED: 12/07/09 2:18 PM

Thanks for the advice! This will also be my first marathon ever, so that should be interesting, thank goodness at least it's flat! I have been to Cozumel, but I only saw the side of the island where the state park is where the swim is. I'm looking forward to the snorkeling, but it will be hard to refrain from diving! I know how tired I get from the nitrogen build up though... how many days prior to the race did you go out there to acclimate? I was thinking I'd probably look for the cheapest flight which I figured would be on Thanksgiving day...

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