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DC Tri Club Wide HH tomorrow! May 31st
CREATED: 05/30/12 by astolz1 REPLIES:
astolz1's ravatar astolz1    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 695
DC Tri Club Wide HH tomorrow! May 31st
POSTED: 5/30/12 4:18 PM

Hope to see everyone on what looks to be a fantastic evening weather wise tomorrow!
I believe there will be some folks biking to Hains Point from work or home for the pre-hh ride at 530pm.
Would anyone be willing to offer their car as a safe haven while said club members ride?

Please post here if you're willing to lock bags in your car AND/OR if you have a bag that you would like to get locked up while riding (like me).

Meet at tennis courts parking lot by 520pm to gather and get your bag locked up. Re-gather at same location, tennis courts parking lot, to bike over to Cantina Marina at 620pm.
- Adam

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