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Bike rentals in LA (or boxing a bike?)
CREATED: 06/15/10 by davidramos REPLIES:
davidramos    JOINED: 4/15/10    POSTS: 10
Bike rentals in LA (or boxing a bike?)
POSTED: 6/15/10 5:53 PM

Any recommendations for a place to rent road (or hybrid) bikes in Los Angeles? There are lots of bike rental shops but most provide those big cruisers, which cease to be any fun once you get away from the beach.

It's not actually for an athletic endeavor: I'm planning to go exploring the city by bike as part of a personal artistic project. Different point of view and ability to go places you can't in a car. But for that I need a bike.

The alternative is flying my bike out there, but that comes with complications, given that I'm doing the Washington DC Tri this weekend and then heading out to LA a few days later.....



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