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Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
CREATED: 06/15/10 by sandyc REPLIES: 23
sandyc's ravatar sandyc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 288
Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/15/10 10:59 PM

In an effort to consolidate race reports and make them easy to find for future reference, please post your DC Triathlon race reports here on this thread. Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

Communications Coordinator

trithis73's ravatar trithis73    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 525
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/16/10 6:40 AM

Yes Oh great and Wise Sandy The Communications Coordinator. But I am doing Xterra Richmond this weekend. Can I start my own thread... pleeeeeeeeease

jameswilson's ravatar jameswilson    JOINED: 4/11/10    POSTS: 92
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 10:42 AM

I'll start.

Made it down with plenty of time to setup transition and get my head on straight. Warmed up a bit. Went down to the corral, and they announced the 1st delay. So I went over to stand in line for the bathrooms on the east side of transition. After 15 min, a race director kicks us all out of line, saying these are during-race-only bathrooms. So back to the corral,and they announce the 2nd delay. So I get back in line for the bathrooms by the corral, only to run out of time. Not a great start.

So I'm in the 4th wave, sprint men 30-34, and it's a big wave. There isn't enough room for everyone to hold onto the dock, so those of us with an arm on the dock have someone holding himself up on our shoulders. The horn sounds, we start. I get about 50 yards into the swim and feel the panic set in as I start swimming into people. Panic leads to poor form, hard time breathing, and lots of water in the lungs. So I head over to the kayak to catch my breath. After a min, I head back out, only to have it happen again. I catch people, panic, and off to the next kayak. I pretty much make my way from kayak to kayak around the course. I know my time will suck, but at least I make it around.

T1 goes great. Get on the bike, check my power, and what is this? I forgot to start my 310XT while in the water. Maybe subconsciously I new I didn't want to see the time in the water. I get the watch clicked over to bike, and put the hammer down. The bike leg is going great, I'm passing everyone I see, and nobody is staying close to me. I'm a little worried that I'm over cooking my legs, since I'm holding 10% over what I raced the training tri at, but figure I need to after the swim.

Get back to T2, and get stuck behind a couple slower riders heading to dismount. Run the bike back to the rack, and boy that was a long run. Looking at my post race log in WKO I see that I actually did manage to break 30 min on the bike leg, before the dismount. That was my goal, but it's kinda chincy, since I didn't get the watch started right away. But I'll take it!

After toasting the bike, I'm a little worried about my legs. So I start out trying to keep a high cadence to get the muscles loosened up. I'm holding right at 8:00min/mi, and start to feel the legs get working. I'm passing people, feeling good. I did get passed by a couple guys, as well as a couple girls who were FLYING. I'm watching my watch, counting down the miles. I find a pace buddy, and we settle into a nice 7:50 pace. Pass the DC Tri Club stop. Great job volunteers!

Get to 5k, and I'm like "Where's the finish line?" Little did I know, the run is 6.7k, not 5k. We still have to run past the capitol twice and the damn hill. I drop down to a 8:30 pace on the uphill, but manage to summit it feeling pretty good. I stride down hill at a nice 7:00 pace, settle back to an 8:00 pace on the flat, and now I can feel the legs running low. Round the corner, and I can see the finish line! Pick up the pace back to a 7:10, and kick it home.

Whew! What a recovery after the horrible swim. I'm betting that when the results are posted, that I will have the smallest gap between swim time and bike or run time, for all 2500 racers. 27 min on the swim, 33 on the bike, 34 on the run. Yikes, if I can figure out the open water part of swimming, I'll finally be front-of-the-pack.

Mistakes to fix next race
Keep my wits in the water
Use thicker rubber bands for the clipped-in bike shoes
Open the bike shoes during setup
Start the timer in the water

mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2218
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 11:14 AM

Btw, some early results: Janey and Jimmy, a couple often seen at the Catholic U swims, finished 1 and 3, respectively, in their age groups.

(Washington DC now hosts two major, well-run triathlons. Very nice.)

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 12:51 PM

Whoever designed the end of that run must hate triathletes. Either that or I need to study the race map better next time. Up Cap Hill, then I thought the finish was at the flat after we came back down, only to find it did another short turn around. Brutal.

I can't find my time sheet at the moment, but came out of the water much farther ahead than I would have thought (~14:5x). On the bike, some combo of my breakfast and the too-strong gatorade was causing some problems on my stomach (time ~34:xx), which held on through the run. Run time was slower than I wanted, with the limiter being my stomach, not legs or lungs which was frustrating (33:xx). That's about :30-45/mi slower than I wanted to be running, but maybe that was too ambitious of a goal.

Overall though, finished 14th in sprint M25-29 wave. Not sure how many started in that one.


peeps1076's ravatar peeps1076    JOINED: 11/10/09    POSTS: 24
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 1:20 PM

Pre Race: I felt I lacked a certain regularity to my nutrition so I decided to stick with what I've been eating. Banana, cereal and milk, cliff bar and water at about 3:15am this morning. I also benefited from having enough experience to ward off and prerace anxiety related stomach issues.
Swim: The worst part was the corral. I was kicked about 19 times waiting for the swim start. Aside from that I was relatively relaxed. After the second turn I had a feeling I was going to end up with a 20+ minute split. I definitely felt I could have swam faster but I wanted to make sure I could really kick it on the bike. Good news came back when I finished: 16:03
T1: I took my time and slowed the heart rate before I got on the bike. Thank you Pacers transition clinic for the rubber band tip to keep my shoe positioned. Thumbs up to you guys: 2:08.
Bike: I made it my point to keep my speed over 20mph and only let people with better bikes pass me. Worked out really well. I could have pushed it up the one hill in the middle of the course a little more and I'm continuing to have water bottle problems. Lost another one on the course. Oh well. Good ride. 21mph average: 35:26.
T2: I got out of my shoes at the dismount just fine and had to slow myself down running through the TA. I was ready to hit the road: 1:24.
Run: Kept it at a decent pace to start and got in a good groove in the middle of the course. Thank you DC Tri volunteers for the water! The rags were great too. I really felt very comfortable until the first pass of the finish area. HUGE Side stitch cramp that took a few meters to rub out. What always helps is the dude who passes you telling you to get a move on. Thanks to that DC Tri gentleman for kicking my ass back into gear. That hill was pure pain but I kicked hard to finish. Good run I think: 30:47.

Overall: 01:25:46

Hands down the best race I've run and my first in the area, as I just moved back here from Tulsa. It was a fantastic race and I'm completely excited about my time. I set my goal as 1:30, having not done an open water but twice at Sandy Point. The best part about good races is trying to figure out how you can go faster. Maybe the worst part is not having any excuses for why you didn't. Everything clicked this race. Great work everyone.

Men 25-29
Age Group 9/127
Rank top 7.1%
Gender 51/613
Rank top 8.3%
Overall 54/1136
Rank top 4.8%

lieutenantmudd's ravatar lieutenantmudd    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 68
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 1:22 PM

If you look at your profile on the DC Tri website, it will tell you the number in your division as well your gender and overall rankings.

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 3:35 PM

Pulled up my times after Nick pointed out that the results are online now.

Peeps, sounds like you must have passed me some point early in the run. I was wearing a bright blue bike jersey.

Swim 14:54
T1 2:54
Bike 34:41
T2 1:41
Run 33:31


M25-29 Sprint: 14/127 top 11%
Male Sprint: 71/613 top 11.6%
Overall Sprint: 77/1136 top 6.8%

jameswilson's ravatar jameswilson    JOINED: 4/11/10    POSTS: 92
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 3:42 PM

Thanks bsull184, now I know where I *should* have finished.

Swim: 27:25 1082/1136
T1: 2:20
Bike: 33:28 29/1136
T2: 1:33
Run: 34:47 229/1136


M30-34 Sprint: 69/140 top 49.3%
Male Sprint: 272/613 top 44.4%
Overall Sprint: 337/1136 top 29.7%

bcfrank's ravatar bcfrank    JOINED: 3/23/09    POSTS: 1098
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 3:59 PM

Great job out there today everyone. :)

Race results are available here. Congrats to everyone who finished the race. A special congrats to all my NTP people. I'm proud of you all! :) You are now officially triathletes.

lieutenantmudd's ravatar lieutenantmudd    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 68
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 4:06 PM

Full results -

Nate's ravatar Nate    JOINED: 2/23/10    POSTS: 68
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 5:06 PM

I'm an NTPer--this was my first race. I did the Olympic.

Swimming is my sport, so I was confident going into it. I never thought I would say it, but I thought the Potomac was genuinely nice to swim in today. It was warm, didn't smell funny, and honestly I forgot I was in a river sometimes if you know what I mean. Getting used to all the people was tricky--I was going pretty fast so I found myself swerving around people a lot and breast stroking around folks. But I managed to not get kicked too much. I need to work on my sighting--I think I was slowing down a lot doing that. Swim split was 28:05.

I was unprepared for how clunky my legs would feel. I didn't feel like I could run at all until I was almost at my bike. I took my time a bit--making sure I had everything I needed and wasn't forgetting anything. Running in the bike shoes felt really weird, too, so I ended up fast walking out of T1. T1 was 3:49

I'm still riding a hybrid, so that made me feel a little pokey. I expected to be totally demoralized as I watched everyone pass me by, but actually, it felt good to be still being passed by some pretty fast people all the way to T2--it showed me how much of a head start I managed to get on the swim. But overall, I felt good, I pushed that damn hyrbid as fast as I could. :-) It was really a blast to be cruising along those DC highways. Bike split was 1:28--about what I expected.

This went pretty much like T1--I found I couldn't really run in the bike shoes, and just took my time a bit making sure I had everything before I headed out for the run. T2 was 3:04.

Oh boy, the run--my weakest sport. I started running six months ago and couldn't even run a straight 1/2 mile. So I figure I've come a long way! Anyways, I tried to just keep a consistent, conservative pace--for me that's about a ten minute mile. I walked through all of the aid stations to give myself a breather. And then at mile 4, my body just started falling apart. I was getting really, really hot, feeling a little dizzy, and started getting nauseous. I was guzzling water and powerade at the stations and popping my nutrition, but alas. So I mostly walked between mile 4 and and 6--I made a new friend as another guy was having the same issue. We jogged short bits together. Then I made that last turn towards the finish line, and just put everything I had left into not stopping running until I hit the finish line. My run split ended up being a 1:10, with a total race time of 3:12.

So I did it! Thanks to the entire club, and especially the NTP program. The cheering, the encouragement, and all of the great clinics and training program in the NTP made this possible.

I really need to get a new bike.

JHJ20012's ravatar JHJ20012    JOINED: 2/1/10    POSTS: 197
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 5:53 PM

Vertical Swimmer Meet The Otter....A Newbie's Sprint Triathlon Tale

Set up. Arrived at Transition with only about 20 minutes for set up. thankfully, Ihan's race day checklist and set up tips had me well prepared for a speedy set up. Helmet upside down, straps out on the bike handles, sunglasses opened inside as well as gloves. Towel down. Bike shoes with socks turned halfway inside out first. Running shoes next. visor and race belt in the back. Fastest set up in history. That's where my speediness for the day ended.

In the water. Opted to go with the tri suit only since I was broiling in full wetsuit at Sandy Point two weeks earlier. After a 30 minute unexplained delay, I jump into the water with the other 40-44 women. As a total newbie, I don't know if we can hang on to the pier while we wait for our wave to go off so end up treading water for three minutes. (I see a race official angrily DQ one woman who jumps in on the wrong side of the platform so I'm not inclined to ask.) When the horn goes off, I'm already tired. Start swimming -- is that a foot in my face? -- I try to focus on a slow steady pace. No dice. Can't catch my breath. 75m in -- I flip on my back and "Otter" it for awhile (with visions of Amanda's story of whacking some guy in the privates who had the misfortune of "pulling an otter" in front of her during one of her races). OK, ready to try it again. 50 more meters and The Otter returns. All I can think is "I hate this" "I'm never doing this again" "What was I thinking." But it's too late now so it's face back in and off I go. There's the Sprint turn buoy. Hallelujah. 50 more meters. What the heck, need a break, go for The Otter. OK, enough already. I remember what IM-in-training buddy Lynn Ratnavale has told me. Just think of Nemo, "just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, swimming." Face back in, make the turn and finally find my stride. Stroke, glide, breathe, rotate the hips, sight, see two women hugging the kayak for dear life, current seems to pick up, The Otter returns (but only for a second). Face back in, last buoy, turn, find a little draft, make it to the ramp, remember not to whack the underwater edge (Thanks for the pre-race post "stiefler"), back on terra firm (sort of), and who's there to greet me with the high five, but the Vertical Swimmer himself! I survived the swim (21:28). It's gonna be a great day.

Bike -- I'm so happy to have survived the swim that I take a leisurely stroll up to the bike -- why rush it? Result - 3:55 T1. Note to self -- this is a race after all, next time jog to the bike at least. Pull on socks, shoes, I don't forget the helmet like I did for the first lap of the practice tri two weeks earlier, take a GU and off I go. I'm flying, I'm passing people, I'm so happy not to be swimming, I'm thinking "just keep spinning, just keep spinning...", I clip out of my pedals without crashing, I finish. Apparently, someone forgot to tell the clock that I was flying b/c, the end result -- 17.6 mph (42:19). But, who cares, I'm not swimming.

Run -- What can I say about the run -- it was hot, it was slow, it had a nasty hill and a finish line fake out. But who cares, I wasn't swimming and there were tons of DC Tri people out there with so much encouragement all along the way. I even let myself believe them when they told me I was looking great. End result -- 10:12/ mile (42:22). But again, who cares, I'm not swimming.

So that's my report. I finished smack in the middle of all women and my age group. I'm happy. I'm a triathlete. Now who's going to meet me at Sandy Point next weekend so I can start preparing for Peasantman, Iron Girl and Nations?

PS -- hats off to the co-leaders and volunteers of the NTP program -- you got me and the rest of NTP 2010 to the finish line with your knowledge, patience and encouragement. Many, many thanks.


nomisdc's ravatar nomisdc    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 621
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 5:58 PM

Great to see so many old friends and to meet a lot of our newer members over the weekend. The enthusiasm of our newer members is definitely contageous, keeping us old vets motivated. Highlights: Hanging with the DC Tri crew before the race, connecting with a lot of veteran friends again, meeting our newer members, seeing folks do their first tri, or first Oly's, crashing into the swim waves in front of us and weaving through, hearing from folks that they did fine on the swim, riding 5 abreast at times down the DC avenues going full speed, seeing the mile 2 water stop with our club members, getting any cold towels on the run, seeing many familiar faces on the run and encouraging each other, having Adriana try to drag me to full sprint at the finish line, the awesome food spread at the tent. Tough day, but well worth it. Simon.

cubuff's ravatar cubuff    JOINED: 7/29/09    POSTS: 12
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 6:19 PM

The 3 AM wakeup.....well at least I've never gotten downtown so fast!

The water felt great. My shoulders were still sore from my long distance swim last Sunday, so I wasn't cycling my arms as fast. Is there a trick to not getting so many people swimming into you?

I took too long on this one, over 4 min.

I really did not like the U-turns, thankfully no traffic jams.

Good transition, wish the distance from bike dismount to transition area was shorter.

This did me in. I didn't get my 'legs' until after mile 1. I watched my pace slow, but kept up a run, not stopping, only grabbing water at every other aid station, mostly to throw it on my head. However I wasn't able to keep the 'run' up the 'Hill' before Mile 5. It's quite humbling when you see other people fly by you. I tried to keep a consistent pace throughout, but now I know that I need more 'bricks' in my training regimen. I will say that 'out & back' isn't my thing.

Kudos to the 'After race tent' That food was the best!


cubuff's ravatar cubuff    JOINED: 7/29/09    POSTS: 12
POSTED: 6/20/10 6:19 PM


rcmagnus's ravatar rcmagnus    JOINED: 1/23/10    POSTS: 43
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 6:26 PM

As an ntper, I had a great first race! The swim was better than I thought, I had a good bike ride (though some problems w/ my gears/chain thanks to Performance Bike who said they had fixed it), and a nice hard, HOT run!

Thanks again to all NTP co-leaders, fellow ntpers, dc tri members who've been sooo encouraging, and volunteers. I can't wait to train more and hopefully get a little faster!


RJohnson1979's ravatar RJohnson1979    JOINED: 9/13/09    POSTS: 82
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/20/10 7:12 PM

NTP Olympic-Distance Triathlete Reporting: As a new member, I think it's great we all have somewhere to compare notes!

Swim: I loved the giant buoys and the course layout. The water felt great and the no wetsuit turned out to be a non-issue although I think it will help speed in future races.

Bike: The bike course was a blast - especially the length over the bridge. I rode a hybrid so that gave me time to pick out the kind of tri-bike I want to buy as they all passed me :)

Run: The first mile was crampy and the last 1.5 was HOT. Otherwise, I loved all the support from fellow club members.

This is a great club to be a part of. Thanks to all the NTP co-leaders, fellow NTPers, volunteers, and club members for all the support and help!


chloevdc's ravatar chloevdc    JOINED: 1/25/10    POSTS: 63
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/21/10 11:36 AM

NTP Oly report:

I arrived at the transition area with more than enough time to set up, relax, stretch, walk around and enjoy seeing all the athletes get ready. It was great running into other NTPers and DCTri clum members. I was most nervous about not knowing how I would feel during different parts of the race, and also about the swim.

Swim: as my weakest, weakest sport I was not setting my goals too high. The first 800m were brutal and I could not find my rhythm or seem to catch enough air. Around the 200m mark the next wave started to overtake me in their green swim caps. Then I saw red, then navy blue swim caps. I was the only purple (f, 25-29) age grouper around. And then, to my absolute delight, people in wetsuits started to pass me. 'Awesome', I thought, as I tried to focus on my race and not worry about others. At marker 1000 I finally started to feel okay and and was making headway. Time: 54:54

T1: I had no trouble finding my bike, as it was one of the few remaing. T1: 4:48, super slow as I needed time to catch my breath and pump the inhaler. Shoes on...jog out.

Bike: I was aiming to finish the bike in ~1.5 hours. Total time was 1:34. Not bad. During the actual bike, I was convinced I was in last place overall. I figured anyone slower than me on the swim would definitely pass me on the bike since my hybrid can only go so fast. When I realized that was not the case, and was able to pass some people, I just kept repeating "push it, push it". Riding on the highways, past the Kennedy Center, and with great views was tons of fun.

T2: 2:32

Run: I was aiming for an hour. Total time: 1:08:09. I only walked during the aid stations where I needed to drink. Kudos to the DC Tri aid station and in general to a well coordinated effort. As soon as I felt I was overheating and too hot to stand, and aid station would be there and kept me going.

All in all, despite my 98.5% age group finish (aka 64/65) I felt a huge sense of accomplishment crossing the finish line. I am psyched for Peasant Man and Nation's and know what I have to work on to get faster.

Next steps:
Clip-less pedals for the hybrid (saving for a road bike)
Track workouts with Hillary on Weds for running speed
Lots of swimming

Thank you, DC Tri club, and especially the NTP co-leads!


mtallent's ravatar mtallent    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 38
RE: Washington DC Triathlon Race Reports
POSTED: 6/21/10 1:23 PM

To start, I'd like to say thanks to the Board and to Conte's for the race wheels, I don't know if I really was faster on the bike, but I sure felt and sounded like I was!

Set the alarm for 3:30, earliest race wake up ever, only to forget to turn it on. Thank goodness my fiancee (Pete) was awake, but since I hadn't told him exactly when we were leaving, he taps my foot at 4:15 and says "When do we need to leave?" oops, NOW!

So, needless to say, I was not in the "arrived at transition with plenty of time to get ready" crowd.

Thanks to Janie for letting me borrow her "crack pipe" (the pump adapter for the disc wheel) and to Hillary for letting me borrow her pump since my back tire was pretty flat. At least I had already put my bike shoes on my pedals the night before I did manage to get in and out of transition in record time though!

Then came the wait for the Olympic race. Lines for the porta-potty were pretty bad. Borrowed Pete's size 11 mens shoes and walked over to the Lincoln Memorial, only to find the bathroom doesn't open until 9, but fortunately the nice security officer directed me to the open one halfway down the mall, so I managed to also get in my pre-race warm up, even if the shoes were 4 sizes too big...

For the first time ever, I got to race in the elite wave. It was sooooo nice not to have to swim around a million people (getting kicked in the process). The swim felt great and I had a rare opportunity to draft someone for most of swim. About 2 minutes into the swim, I realized I hadn't turned on my forerunner, doh! I guess I'm not the only one who forgot after reading James' report.

As I got out of the water, the girl just in front of me was not one of the ones I saw jump in at the beginning, so I was a bit confused, I wondered if perhaps I should have tried to push just a wee bit harder to be the "first" female out (first out but not fastest swim time when other waves factored in). As I plodded into transition I suddenly remembered, ooops, gotta turn on my watch!

Still need to work on transitions, one of these days I'll learn how to jump onto my bike instead of walking up to the line and just getting on... and then I spent the next 30 seconds messing with my watch. At least I got it on and in the right mode finally...

The bike course was nice, except for a few folks hanging out in the left lane and other folks passing on the right (just like driving in DC traffic!). The wheels felt and sounded fast, I'm just not sure if the engine was as good as it should have been... that's what happens when "life" gets in the way of training, if only I were more organized... yes, I was daydreaming instead of focusing during the race as well... I also think I am a bit too dependent on my powertap, without it I was really having some trouble gauging my effort level. I did manage to pass the girl who was a few seconds ahead of me out of the swim and was leading through the first lap which felt great. Then came the second lap and I got passed, but I knew that would happen. Heading into transition things went pretty smoothly, jumping off the bike is sure easier than trying to jump on it!

In hopes of not getting blisters, I wore my running shoes with socks, extra time in transition, but I figured the extra 30 seconds now would save my feet for the run in Philly (I did still end up with blisters though, wet socks not so good)....

Heading out onto the run I was still in 2nd (out of the elite wave, not counting the faster women in later waves) and for the first few miles I felt great and was holding a decent pace for me (running being my weakest leg). I was in no man's land for about 2 miles, no one ahead of me, and no one immediately behind me. Then as we hit the 9th street tunnel I heard footsteps behind me and thought "please let that be a boy, please let that be a boy"... it was. Then came the wall at mile 4. I grabbed as much water as I could and exchanged cool towels every chance I got but still felt completely overheated. I even walked long enough to down a cup of powerade. I got passed and was in 3rd... then passed again, 4th. Not where I wanted to be.

Fortunately at the next turnaround there was a headwind. Normally I hate headwinds, but it was just so refreshing to feel a "cool" (well, at least not hot) breeze. And it was downhill, so I just tried to fall into the wind. When Jimmie passed me around mile 5ish I tried to keep up with him as best I could. As he "pulled" me up to the girl in 3rd (well mentally anyway) I thought, ok, I can catch her... Finally, we rounded the last turn and there was the finish line, and it was downhill! Pete was jumping up and down trying to cheer me on. I mustered every last little bit of strength I had and "sprinted" past her. Pete said it was like watching a couple of 4-cylinder cars race, they were giving it every bit of gas they had, but it was still like watching it in slow motion! But at least when I hit the finish I knew I'd given it my all. And got a new PR in the process :o)

But wait... I have to go through this again next weekend?? I think my co-workers are right about being a glutton for punishment...

Oh, one more note, thanks to all the DC Tri folks cheering along the way, to whoever set up the tent with the yummy munchies, and to all who volunteered!

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