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Triathlon Coach
CREATED: 12/14/11 by MallowCN83 REPLIES: 10
MallowCN83's ravatar MallowCN83    JOINED: 1/20/11    POSTS: 59
Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/14/11 8:27 PM

I've looked through a few of the older posts and have found some information, but considering these posts are from 2+ years ago, I figured I'd put it out there to see if anyone had any new ideas.

I'm a recent "graduate" of NTP 2011. While I am no means a star athlete, I love the sport of triathlon and need some help to improve my times and form.

If anyone has any ideas of moderately priced coaches in the MD/NoVA area, that would be great. I mostly need help with swimming and running.


mosered's ravatar mosered    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 2217
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/15/11 10:03 AM

Well, for four, DCT's own elite team member AJ Morrison is a coach, as is Kelzie Beebe, who coaches perennial elite performer Phil Schmidt, as is Olwen Huxley, a formerly Kona-based instructor, as is Rob Falk, also a spinamarathon instructor. (Could they please take over instruction of the Redskins too?...)

courtr26's ravatar courtr26    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 119
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/15/11 10:29 AM


One of my goals for 2012 is to compile a list of qualified coaches and have them available on our website. This will be helpful for members so they can reach out and find the coach that fits their needs. I hope to get this list compiles and posted in January!

Courtney (DC Tri Board Programs Coordinator)

Luke's ravatar Luke    JOINED: 11/28/10    POSTS: 423
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/15/11 1:04 PM

Margie Shapiro is an excellent coach too! She was my high school cross country & track coach at Langley HS a few years ago. Now she's a pro-triathlete! And she is a co-owner of Potomac River Running Stores. I think she also leads group track workouts twice a week at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington.


morunner66's ravatar morunner66    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 728
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/15/11 2:21 PM

Yes, Margie is my coach. She is excellent. She does lead the W&L track workouts with her sister Kathy and Kathy's husband Ray - all excellent.

bwinterroth's ravatar bwinterroth    JOINED: 5/12/11    POSTS: 66
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/16/11 8:57 AM


I am a coach through Fitness Concepts and currently have two clients. Although I am trying to keep my coaching as personal as possible, I am looking to build into five athletes. Fitness Concepts offers a wide variety of training tools, clinics, and performance tests (VO2), so we are able to offer all aspects of coaching to our clients.

Let me know if you have any questions.


MallowCN83's ravatar MallowCN83    JOINED: 1/20/11    POSTS: 59
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/16/11 8:46 PM

Thanks everyone for the idea's, I will definitely be checking into them!

ajm27's ravatar ajm27    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 142
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/19/11 12:39 PM

Hi Candace and others,

As a coach for the DC Tri programs, I also work with individual clients. I am a USAT certified triathlon coach, USAT certified youth & juniors triathlon coach and a US Cycling certified coach. I also have a background/degree in physical therapy that heavily complements my coaching abilities. Since this is my full time job, my clients get a great deal of personal attention. I enjoy working with clients of all distances and levels of ability. If this is something that you are interested in, please feel free to contact me for more information. I can be reached at alyssajmorrison at gmail dot com.

Good luck with your upcoming season!


dmd326's ravatar dmd326    JOINED: 10/28/10    POSTS: 71
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/20/11 9:10 AM

I've been looking at coaching options too. I did NTP last year and I'm arleady planning a half ironman for the end of 2012. May I suggest asking for references and speaking to at least one of their clients. I didn't have a great expeirence with a coach in the past (not in this area.)

bsull184's ravatar bsull184    JOINED: 2/6/10    POSTS: 283
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/20/11 10:32 AM

Not to take any food out of a potential coach's mouth, and maybe I'm just reiterating things you've already thought of, but the next step out of NTP doesn't necessarily need to be getting a personal coach. You can make a lot of large training gains on your own if you are dedicated, especially in the early years of your triathlon career. Just getting out there (nearly) every day and training consistently will probably be 95% of the battle.

At the least, I'd suggest reading some training books like Friel's "Triathletes Training Bible" and others. It will give you some idea as to whether self-coaching works for you or if it's just too much work. And if you do decide on a coach, it will give you the knowledge to really interact with them about your training to maximize the relationship with your coach and hold THEM accountable too:).

I'd also point out that some of the above people are super-fast with a lot of tri experience, and their needs from a coach may be different than your own (e.g. motivation vs. squeezing the last bit of potential out of your body). So when you are choosing people, take that into account. It's all about getting the right fit for you personally, so make sure you know what is important to you.

MallowCN83's ravatar MallowCN83    JOINED: 1/20/11    POSTS: 59
RE: Triathlon Coach
POSTED: 12/20/11 8:19 PM

Yeah, I agree, although I've kinda fallen off a bit not having that extra push and motivation that I had with being in NTP. I'm not a strong runner and definitely fall behind in that category, and I need a lot of help in the swimming department which became blatantly obvious after I had to do the entire swim of the Wash. DC sprint tri using breaststroke when I had only a few months previously done the swim at Peasantman with no problems.

I've tried the self-coaching approach but find that I do better in a fully structured "program". I do have one of Friel's books so I might have to dig that out again. As always, any other pointers or tips are gladly accepted.

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