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ankle pain
CREATED: 07/18/11 by mildmanneredreporter REPLIES:
mildmanneredreporter's ravatar mildmanneredreporter    JOINED: 8/20/09    POSTS: 26
ankle pain
POSTED: 7/18/11 6:38 PM

Hi all -

Looking for similar experiences. Over Memorial Day, just as I started to stand up and walk after a post-run stretch, I developed a sudden onset of ankle pain. Presents as anterior/lateral pain during weight-bearing plantar flexion and as medial pain when I rest my heel on my knee when seated, so as to lift the heel above the plane of the ankle. PT believes the former pain caused by a too-tight anterior tib and latter pain by too-loose talus-calcaneus connection. Perhaps all set in motion by a bad rolled step on a gravely trail run. Curious if anyone out there has experienced something similar and what treatments you found effective. I recognize my impatience, but my usual experience with PT (in the knees) is that my tissues are more elastic than plastic and that I generally react to manual therapy more quickly than now - and we're going on 7 weeks.



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