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Injuries--labral tear
CREATED: 10/10/09 by kamden1025 REPLIES:
kamden1025    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 22
Injuries--labral tear
POSTED: 10/10/09 1:21 PM

I was wondering if others here have ever been diagnosed with a labral tear in the hip, and what you did. I have had groin/hip flexror issues for years now, and recently it got really bad, so I had x rays and an MRI/arthrogram. Yep--labral tear. So they are suggesting arthroscopic surgery, to avoid athritis down the line, as opposed to plain old physical therapy to build up the surrounding muscles. I already herniated L4/L5 and have sciatica (and do core exercises and ice each day to keep it in check) and don't want any more complications. Any others who went/are going through this?


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