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CREATED: 07/18/11 by JohnT REPLIES: 2
JohnT's ravatar JohnT    JOINED: 8/17/10    POSTS: 10
POSTED: 7/18/11 9:01 PM

I met some really nice DC Tri folks at the Musselman this past weekend. Hope everyone had a great time! Thanks again to whoever it was that I was leap-frogging with on the bike course (you were wearing a Georgetown top) definitely helped me put my best effort in out there!

jennyl    JOINED: 2/28/09    POSTS: 40
RE: Musselman
POSTED: 7/19/11 1:24 PM

That was me :) I was saving my DC Tri jersey for Sunday's race! Considering the high temps, Musselman was a fun and very well run race-- big thanks to everyone who lived along the run course and dedicated their Sunday afternoons to spraying runners with their hoses! And to Ryan's family for hosting a delicious pre-race dinner!


kristoferkitto's ravatar kristoferkitto    JOINED: 1/24/10    POSTS: 59
RE: Musselman
POSTED: 7/19/11 3:06 PM

Talk about a fun and, for me, humbling race! Highlights include:

-Starting in the swim corral with Ryan Troll;
-Seeing Joe Coyne vroom past me at bike mile 10;
-Seeing Jenny Leehey whiz past me at bike mile 20;
-Andy Blatecky cheering me on in a penguin suit at run mile 1, in 92-degree heat, no less;
-Julia Hoppock charging past me at run mile 9, on her way to a 6th place AG finish;
-Adam Stolzberg giving me a high 5 at run mile 13, just as I needed a last push to get to the finish line;
-Anna McGeehan basically catching me at the finish line and feeding me Gatorade and Enduralyte tablets to stop my legs from seizing.

Thanks to everyone for a fun weekend! Special thanks to Ryan Troll for being such a great host.


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